Announcing our Partnership with U.C.C.T.

Announcing our Partnership with U.C.C.T.

Why Clinical Trials In Urgent Care Centers?

  • Clinical Development: Be on the cutting edge of medicine, work with investigational medications and processes that are not yet approved by the FDA.
  • Recognition: The opportunity to co-author articles for publication and be acknowledged as a leader within our medical community.
  • Pioneering: Offer your patients new medical alternatives that may only be available through participation in clinical trials.  Medicine that patients may not have otherwise gain access to.
  • Compensation: Clinical trials provide significant compensation for your time and resources.  It is a great way to increase profitability for an urgent care center.
  • Advancement of medicine: Leading the medical industry by aiding in the development of breakthrough drugs and medical devices and helping to bring them to market.
  • Differentiation:  As more and more urgent care centers pop up, performing clinical trials help to separate your center from others while bringing in addition long term patients.
  • Simple and Available:  With us to help you, all you need to do is perform the scope of work for the trial.  We are here to help you through the entire process to make it simple and easy.  With the increasing number of drugs and medical devices coming to market, there is a significant opportunity to urgent care centers.
  • Patient Relationships:  Participants in clinical trials become familiar with the urgent care center conducting the study and typically use the center for future illness and injury.

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